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‘How I take TimeOut to find a balance in my life…’

Yoga and pilates
Being creative

Working as a Skin Camouflage Practitioner helps me keep a balance in my life…

I have been a Skin Camouflage Practitioner for over ten years, firstly for The British Red Cross and now for Changing Faces. This is a charity for people and their families whose lives are affected by conditions, marks or scars that alter their appearance.  As a volunteer for the Skin Camouflage Service, I take a monthly clinic at the London Road Community Hospital, Derby providing advice and guidance to clients on the self- use of appropriate creams and powder to enable them to camouflage disfiguring marks and conditions.
I select a colour match to their natural skin from over 250 creams; apply the cream and a powder to make the area water resistant.  I then encourage the client to apply the products, giving them guidance and confidence to achieve a good result quickly and easily.  These products are available on prescription.

‘This rewarding work can change lives.  I have seen clients walk into the consultation room unable to look me in the eye and an hour later walk out with a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes’…

The powerful tools of yoga, pilates, (Derbyshirepilates), mindfulness and breathing help me find a balance in my life…

Here is an article I wrote for Bridgette several years ago during the winter:

Working with Aromatherapy, Colour and your Chakras to find
Balance in your Life…

Do you find yourself juggling the demands of work,
home life and your relationships?

Are you searching for ways to find balance and equilibrium within,
to survive the demanding world outside?

We can do so much to improve our own health and wellbeing in so many ways. Many small actions can have a significant effect.  Over the winter months we can be feeling low on the dark and dull days. Winter is traditionally a time for reflection and a time to restore and rejuvenate so that we are ready for motivation and growth in the spring.

By gently working with your chakras every day and with essential oils, you will become more in tune with how you feel.

The chakra system is part of the Ancient Indian teachings of a holistic way of life used for thousands of years.  The theory is that as well as a physical body, we have a body of energy, known as the subtle body.  This is made up of channels or ‘veins’ known as nadis, through which flows prana, (life force or vital energy).  This energy enters the body at different frequencies via the  energy centres known as chakras.
Seven major chakras in our bodies lie along the spinal column from the crown of the head, down through the forehead, throat, chest and abdomen, to the base of the spine.

There are physical, emotional and psychological links between our physical bodies, our chakras, and our subtle bodies. When we are healthy and our mind, body and emotions are in balance, the chakras spin freely, brightly and at the correct frequencies.
We can support and rebalance the chakras to overcome symptoms or ‘dis-ease’ on all levels. Physical symptoms and problems have their roots in imbalance on an energetic level.
Stress; physical, emotional and intellectual, is a major cause of dis-ease.
Recognising if our stress levels are too high is the first important step.

Noticing problems in our physical bodies means we can also work on those areas energetically.

Chakra energies are influenced in many ways, such as through visualisations, using essential oils, crystals, yoga postures, colours and sound. 

For example, if we have a recurring sore throat, it is worth looking inwards to see if we are finding it difficult to express our feelings.  What are those feelings?  What would you like to say and to whom?  The throat chakra is associated with communication; so wearing a blue scarf, sitting quietly, breathing slowly and deeply while burning juniper essential oil may give you the time and space to discover what is bothering you.  Juniper can protect, cleanse, and will give peace and focus.



Associated hormone

Associated colour

Associated essential oil

Main issue

Root (1st)

Adrenal glands

Fight or flight hormones


Black pepper

Physical needs

Sacral (2nd)


Sex hormones




Solar plexus (3rd)





Personal power Self will

Heart  (4th)


Immune system



Love & Relationships

Throat (5th)


Growth and repair hormones



Self expression

Third Eye (6th)

(Master gland)

Directs hormonal activity




Crown (7th)

Pineal gland

- governs response to light & dark



Knowledge, Understanding

Aromatherapy is an ancient art that uses the therapeutic, healing qualities of the pure essential oils of plants, flowers and trees.  These powerful, concentrated essences stimulate the body’s healing power, can help regain equilibrium in our lives and encourage a feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace.
Combining a carefully selected blend of oils with massage by a trained practitioner can stimulate the body’s healing power and have profound effects on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Careful use of these oils in a diffuser at home can help restore balance after a busy day or offer comfort on a down day.

You can create a warm cosy space by lighting three candles and playing some beautiful music….

Let yourself relax and allow your mind to wander and your intuition lead you…

Below are two blends of oils to help:
One for winter and one for spring
These oils are also excellent immune boosters

Winter Blend

Winter (water element), according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a time of consolidation and reflection that is essential to the growth and continuity of life.


A rich, sweet, warm resinous smell
Soothing, stabilising, nurturing, consolidating, centring
Good for over thinking and worry

I see this oil as brown – working on the base chakra


Spicy warmth
Grounding, enriching, inspiring
Calmative yet gently uplifting and stimulating
Can help with excessive mental activity, nervous strain and feeling ‘Out of Touch’ with your body and sensuality

I see this oil as a deep, rich amber – working on the sacral and solar plexus chakras

Sweet Orange

Warm sunny aroma, encouraging a relaxed approach
Creative, out-going, adaptability, optimism and joy
Excellent digestive

I see this oil as orange/rich deep yellow – working on the sacral and solar plexus chakras

Fill diffuser with warm water and add:
4 drops of Benzoin
4 drops of Patchouli
6 drops of Sweet Orange

Spring Blend

Spring (wood element) is a time when energy is aroused and given direction, activating growth and motivation.


Refreshing, balancing and creative
Releasing, gently relaxing yet uplifting
Compassion and harmony

I see this oil as green – working on the heart chakra

Optimism, integrity, wholeness, balance
Stimulates and focuses the mind
Promotes self-worth

I see this oil as green – working on the solar plexus and heart chakras


Balanced, expressive relaxed and refreshed
Uplifting, giving inner strength and optimism to help us seek new opportunities
Sedating to nervous system, allows us time and space for inner healing
Promotes inner communication with the heart

I see this oil as green/deep yellow – working on heart and solar plexus chakras

Fill diffuser with warm water and add:
4 drop of Bergamot
3 drops of Basil
4 drops of Petitgrain

As a holistic therapist I am working with ‘Spirit.’  That of my client and of my own …This I see as looking ‘within’ at my Inner Life – the conscious world of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and desires, creates my values and integrity. 

I am aware that the Inner Me is part of what is going on around me… I see us all as a unique part of something much bigger by which we are affected and influenced …Part of our family and friends, the local community, our country…The natural cycles of the seasons, of the sun, moon and planets… The Universe…

If, as individuals we are happy and contented and we share this with those close to us, surely this has The Butterfly Effect? (When a butterfly flaps its wings it can cause a tornado on the other side of the world).

If we live our lives with this sort of consciousness and awareness can we be more fulfilled?

Several of my Christmas presents have the symbol of a butterfly and this led me to the Native American Legends of the Spirit of the Butterfly Dance…

…As the spirit sheds its caterpillar skin, life begins anew…Tell her a secret wish and she will deliver it up through the heavens to the Great Spirit

Share a secret wish with the Spirit of the Butterfly…
I will if you will!!!

Books I constantly refer to and found helpful when writing this article:

Title Author
Colour Scents Suzy Chiazzari
The Magic of Crystals, Colour & Chakra Lilly, Martin, De Winter, Hale
The Book of Chakra Healing Liz Simpson
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit Gabriel Mojay
Chakra Therapy Jennie Harding
Natural Superwoman Rosamond Richardson
Your Body Speaks Your Mind Debbie Shapiro
The Fragrant Mind Valerie Ann Worwood
The Fragrant Heavens Valerie Ann Worwood

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