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Why Revitalise your Garden?

A garden can be a place to let your mind wander while you work with your hands and feet.  By turning and working the soil and being in the fresh air so close to nature, we can settle our emotions and tune in to the rhythms of the changing seasons and weather while easing, stretching and relaxing the mind body and spirit.

Remember how helpful plants can be?

Think how lavender entices insects to visit and pollinate your fruit and vegetables and borage to leave them alone

Visualise the glorious colours and scents as you brush past on a sunny day, the warmth soaking into your shoulders, a soft breeze on your cheek. 

Repetition of colour & shape create Rhythum and Harmony  

Feel your shoulders drop and your mouth water as you taste the lavender through the butter and raspberry jam on the crumbling scone in your hand

I have a love of gardens and planting which I enjoy sharing with others and working with them to create the outdoor space that suits them. Initial discussions are vital as what you think you want is not always what you do want and sometimes what you think is not possible can be achieved. Once we have a vision we can work together to draw up a plan to balance dreams with practicality, aspirations with budget and ideals to fit with the British climate! Whatever the size or shape of your plot, there is a way of achieving what you want from it and my involvement can be as much or as little as you want. 

  'Have fun making a feature'

We can titivate existing features, re-shape borders and prune creatively; Split and swop established plants with friends and so share knowledge of the existing and the new ones.

'Trees are important for many reasons'

The Art of Gardening is Thriving…

  Some of my favourite plants...

Please read Rosie's Story

Ways of working…

  • One to one consultations
  • Design work
  • Gardening – working and helping the garden ‘grow’

Photos of My Garden
Working in my garden helps me find a balance in my life…
It has grown from a derelict disused nursery into a garden maturing year
by year…

Working in my garden helps me find a balance in my life…  

  It has grown from a derelict disused nursery

Into a garden maturing year by year…


Late Summer 2014


Early Summer 2015

Please see Garden Consultation with Dawn

'TimeOut for you... takes part in the annual Belper in Bloom Open GardensEvent which is held in June.

Being in balance with nature is important in my life…

Working with permaculture and forest gardening helps me to find a balance in my life…

I understand the importance of plants in our lives, and using high quality, natural ingredients: Whether growing them, eating them or using them on our skin.


Rosa canina
Rose oils are therapeutic to our skin


Weleda’s holistic, natural skincare and pharmaceuticals are wonderful…  Their goal is to maintain, enhance and restore the health of people:  and we have one of their headquarters in Derbyshire!

Borago officinalis – Starflower,  is high in essential fatty acids  

Their medicinal gardens grow organic and biodynamic plants used in their products.


Weleda wellbeing on the lawn…



 I love sharing my home and garden with friends and we enjoy getting together and have something to eat, a natter and try lots of different natural products. They smell and feel gorgeous. 

As the light was fading...  

We have been up the garden on a summer’s evening and round the kitchen table by the fire in the winter.  


Late summer glow…


TimeOut for you… has a Practitioners Account with Weleda and contacts with local Wellbeing Advisor’s if you would like any of their products or host a Wellbeing Event please visit www.weleda.co.uk

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