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Sue's Story

Sue worked with her GP and they were finally able to pinpoint that eating any acidic foods gave Sue tremendous pain and discomfort.

This was someone who took great delight eating and growing food!

She was down in the dumps!!

My approach was to discover the sorts and style of dishes that were a pleasure to Sue.  Then encourage her to look at a wider range of beautiful, colourful ingredients she could enjoy, rather than dwelling on all she was missing!  We explored foods she could eat comfortably and ways to prepare, cook and combine them differently.

A voyage of discovery…

We found that certain foods, sugars and dairy for example, can increase acidity in the body and that some foods are more alkali and can be included in the diet for that reason.  Sue planned to check and isolate ingredients that irritated her as each of us reacts or responds individually.

Sue was regaining some control in her life...

We investigated ingredients less familiar to Sue and ways to combine them.  Cookery books with lots of enticing pictures from charity shops are inspirational!

  Cookery books with lots of enticing pictures from charity shops are inspirational!

Bright coloured, juicy, flavoursome tomatoes used to be a favourite in many of Sue’s delicious dishes; as was using cream and wine.  These had to be abandoned…  Although burning off the alcohol gave positive results!

We looked for other methods of cooking that enhanced presentation, taste and smell; adding nutrition, colour and flavour in different ways:

Using plenty of onions and garlic - by adding fresh herbs at the end as well as during cooking – balsamic vinegar was a winner… as was fresh root ginger

Oven roasting vegetables - (Aubergines, leeks, onions, mushrooms and courgettes for example), and or a chunk of halibut or hake…. Served with torn basil leaves, mozzarella and crusty French bread perhaps!!!

Steaming fresh seasonal vegetables from the garden and drizzling them with olive oil and freshly chopped flat leaf parsley…Ooooooh…think of all those antioxidants!!!!

We wrapped a breast of chicken in smoked bacon and roasted it – All plump and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

We made hummus simply and quickly, (a different protein than red meat),  and served it with plump, warm pitta bread and olives
Juicy sandwiches with grated carrot and olives or tapenade are gorgeous!

The kitchen smelt divine and our tummies were rumbling before lunch was ready!

Puddings were quite a comfort too… We couldn’t decide between cooking a good old rice pudding like Granny used to make for fear of fighting over who would have the skin, and bananas baked in the oven with Swedish Glacee (Yummy soya ice cream) with grated carob on top

Honey or maple syrup worked instead of sugar; soya products instead of dairy and carob instead of chocolate.

We laughed as we remembered the TV advert ‘As versatile as an egg’  

A fun day of practical hands on cooking and eating rekindled Sue’s interest in food and helped her find pleasure in eating again.  By adapting our knowledge and researching further in the comfortable, homely environment of my kitchen, she was moving forward….

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