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'Finding a balance in life by working more intuitively with colour'...

How often do we allow our senses to respond to colour to help us feel good?

Imagine a colourful world titillating our senses, releasing feelings of pleasure and bringing harmony to our lives…

Simply take time to notice how colour affects your mood and emotions:

How do feel looking at my web site?

How do you feel when you pick a big bunch of golden daffodils from the garden on a bright, crisp sunny morning?
Take a deep breath in filling yourself with the glorious colour and aroma 

Maybe a moist, dark brown chocolate cake can encourage a sense of comfort and security when you are down
…or a release a feeling of rich heavenly decadence

Green is the colour of fertility and renewal
It is peaceful and balancing and can encourage compassion and inspiration

'Rest your senses on Nature's Beauty'

Also be aware of the Yin and Yang principle of relativity: 

Do you ‘See Red’ when you are late and the traffic lights change to red?

Does your heart melt when you are given a bouquet of elegant long stemmed deep red roses???

Red is the colour of passion and vitality
It is stimulating and arousing and has the power to excite the senses


How can we gently ease healing colours into our daily lives?

Be aware of foods we eat, the way we cook and present our dishes

Fresh green vegetables have a natural ability to cleanse and balance our metabolism. Think of all the ‘goodies’ in broccoli!

The nervous system is maintained and strengthened with golden yellow foods such as bananas, eggs and whole grains, rich in proteins vitamins and minerals

Uplifting rosemary stimulates the digestive system. It complements the rich flavours of lamb beautifully. It has an affinity to the throat chakra and improves communication
Think of the joy of sharing a delicious meal with close friends!!!

Blue is the colour of sensitivity and loyalty
It is relaxing and healing and cools physically and emotionally

Blue Echiums (echium candicans) on St Mary's, The Scilly Isles


Essential oils used in aromatherapy have a colour signature:

Lavender, whose healing colour is violet, has an affinity for the crown chakra and is transformational and spiritual

Lemon acts on the solar plexus. Its life qualities are out going, joyous, courageous and creative. It is extroverted and an immune boost

Patchouli is a deep amber colour and acts on the sacral chakra. It is grounding, sensual and an aphrodisiac

Think of all the glorious colours in our gardens…
No wonder we can seem close to heaven!!!

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