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Claire's Story

Claire first came for her TimeOut Aromatherapy treatment as a way to relax from juggling the demands of work and family with preparing to move home. 

She was stressed!!

As her story unfolded, it became clear to us both that if she stood back and looked at the bigger picture, she could decide which areas to work on to regain control.  

Included in Claire’s bigger picture was more time for her family, friends and herself and sharing with them the pleasures of her new home and garden. 
By encouraging Claire to relax during the treatment and thus have a good night’s sleep, she awoke refreshed, able to gain clarity and decide on her next few steps.

Selecting Essential oils to help Claire relax and sleep well.

She was regaining her power…

Several supportive and relaxing treatments allowed Claire to let go of more physical and emotional tension, giving her the enthusiasm and flexibility to deal with moving home. As she worked though the mundane her thoughts shifted, becoming clearer.  Claire began to look forward to a more colourful and exciting way of living.

The pleasure of creating was beginning to resurface….

Recognising that she needed and enjoyed the time and space to herself, her new garden appeared the obvious place to start.   Working at her own pace with what was already there, and with the experience and motivation of her Gardening Friend, Claire found ways to create her own hideaway and still have a few pennies left for a shopping spree for a few extra plants!

Now much more in balance, she was ready for others to share the fruits of her labour.

Raised beds can make growing vegetables easier.  
raised beds

Inspired by the old cherry tree and overgrown vegetable plot discovered at the bottom of the garden, the family wished to have fun learning different ways of preparing and cooking the cherries and other fruits of their labour.   With the help of their Foodie Friend, the children rose to the occasion with ease, making lots of mess and having even more laughs. 

Even small trees are fruitful.

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