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Bach Flower Remedies

A little about Dr Edward Bach (1886-1930) and his healing Flower Remedies…

Bach believed in treating the person rather than the illness and wished to create a safe, gentle and harmless system of healing.  He suggested illness was a message from our inner being calling for a change in our way of living and our mental outlook.  The system is based on 38 remedies made from the extracts of flowers which are prepared by sun potentizing or by the boiling method.

It was the method of simplicity he had longed for – the simplicity of mighty things, the fire, earth , air and water – the four elements – were involved and working together to produce healing remedies of great power…

The earth to nurture the plants
The air from which it feeds
The sun or fire to enable it to impact its power
And water to collect and be enriched with its beneficial healing...”

Nora Weeks,
The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician (1983)

What they can do for you…

The remedy or essence has a positive effect on emotional imbalances and mood swings such as fear, despondency, low levels of self confidence, stress and anxiety; gently releasing layers of past.  They can be taken internally or externally.

Each remedy is selected as a response to a state of mind and to suit an individual’s specific need and character.  Working from the outside inwards.

How the remedies work…

Working on a vibrational level, they have the quality and ability to bring in the positive emotion to balance the negative one.  For instance, a person with low self-esteem will, after taking specific flower remedies, start believing in him or herself again and will be more self-confident dealing with the day-to-day things.

- cDistrust of self and intuition, uncertainty, foolishness
+ cSelf-trust, assertiveness, confidently seek individuality,

For those who ‘follow’ the crowd…

Photo courtesy of Julian Barnard, Healing Herbs

Negative emotions are not suppressed but turned into the opposite positive emotional state

- cWorry hidden behind a carefree mask, restless, addiction
+c Peace, honesty and calm, able to be expressive

For those who laugh when they want to cry….

Photo courtesy of Julian Barnard, Healing Herbs


White Chesnut
- cMental chatterbox, overactive mind, worrying thoughts
+ cPeace, calm, focus and clarity

For those with incessant mental chatter…

Photo courtesy of Julian Barnard, Healing Herbs

What happens during a consultation?

From the warmth and comfort of my therapy room, discussion and gentle exploration about what is going on you at the moment will help us recognise which feelings and emotions we are working with.  We will then select several remedies: adding two drops of each to your personal remedy bottle filled with spring water.  Adding 3 or 4 drops from your remedy bottle into a glass of drinking water 3 o 4 times a day is a guideline. 

Flower Remedies

I have completed the Healing Herbs Training Programme
of 66 hours of tuition

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Being Creative helps me find a balance in my life…

To find a balance between the logical, masculine, analytical left side of my brain (corresponding to the right side of my body) and the more intuitive, feminine right side, I am allowing myself the time and opportunity to  give my creative side to have a free rein…

Anne Alldred at www.annealldread.com is supporting and encouraging us Girlies to explore and learn many different skills on Wednesday mornings at Derwentside Antiques Centre during her textile workshops.

Angela Thompson at www.glass-at-the-barn.co.uk  encourages creativity by working with warm glass. I made three pieces in several hours!

Emma Carr (Parkin) at www.junkymonkey.co.uk is showing us how to make a green willow arbour in our woodland above the Derwent.

An adult education class in Painting and Drawing with our talented tutor Dan is challenging! 
I certainly switch off from everything else to concentrate…

We are so fortunate have so many talented artists in our local community.

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