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Tom's Story...

Tom was encouraged to have an aromatherapy treatment by his long suffering wife. As his aromatherapist, he wanted me to get rid the niggling ache up the right side of his neck and shoulder????

We started the treatment by talking and becoming more comfortable with each other.  Discussing Tom’s lifestyle and medical history gave him the opportunity to see just how his sedentary working life staring at a monitor all day, constant logical thinking, followed by a hard work out twice a week to compensate, was contributing to his pain and discomfort.

Trying hard to ‘relax’ over a ‘few jars with the lads’ didn’t seem to help Tom sleep any better either ...  Maybe it was the ‘takeaway’ he often had on the way home!!!

Tom's Secret Place

Every now and then, when time allowed, Tom liked nothing better than going to his shed and ‘making something…’ his favourite music ringing in his ears: something to concentrate on: switching off from everything else.
I could see how much he enjoyed this by the way his eyes lit up, his body language altered as he he opened up a little…

‘What would you like from your aromatherapy massage? How would you like to feel afterwards?’

‘To feel relaxed, have less aches and pains and to have a good night’s sleep,’ was the reply.  Opening my box of tricks, I asked Tom to smell the essential oils I was presenting him with and describe what came into his mind; the memories conjured up, pictures created, colours and sensations…

Once he let go of trying to name the smells, we started to create a blend based on Tom’s needs…

We selected the following essential oils and diluted a total of 10 drops of essential oil in 25mls of sunflower - Helianthus annuus carrier oil for a full body massage.

Grapefruit - Citrus paradisi (top note)
Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia (heart note)
Vetivert - Vetiveria zizanoides (base note)

Here are some of the therapeutic qualities Tom needed that day:

Grapefruit... For giving him a lift...

A good oil for stiffness and muscle fatigue, aids digestion; an immune boost.
It is inspiring; can help one open up to new possibilities and ideas.  Aids relaxation of the conscious mind

Vetivert… Just because he liked the smell!  Interesting choice…

Eases muscular aches and pains
The golden colour signature and the straightness of the grass give the oil its ability to help one be grounded and flexible in stressful times.
Brings peace and tranquillity to a busy mind and so helps with sleep problems

Lavender…. Tom’s face softened and he smiled; it reminded him of his favourite Aunt who would treat him to his favourite chocolate biscuits!

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory
Calming, relaxing and uplifting
Emotionally comforting

I left Tom to undress and lie on the couch, then kept him tucked up warm in the towels as I worked (well trained as ever to maintain the modesty and dignity of the client at all times)!

After about an hour of deep, releasing massage a dazed Tom explained he had not really been asleep… just resting his eyes!

Sitting comfortably with a glass of water in his hand, he wondered if trying
to switch off from work earlier and maybe by doing some sort of gentle exercise to keep his body flexible would help him sleep better

Encouraged by me, he talked of the things he used to do that gave him pleasure and satisfaction years ago.. Making and doing things with his father..
Listening to the radio and singing in the shower, drawing..

At work Tom constantly uses the left side of his brain. This corresponds with the right side of the body, the masculine principle in both women and men. It is the logical part involved with assertiveness and making decisions … By stimulating and using the left side, the artistic, creative side and learning to listen and trust his own wisdom, and ask for and accept help, Tom may allow himself the time and space to find out what is important in his life and what he wishes to do about it..

How we feel and perceive what is going on around us each day changes from minute to minute; day to day…
A place to feel safe and comfortable to let go for a while is important.
Recognition and acknowledgment of our true feelings and emotions rather than living as the result of being overloaded by the stresses of our time orientated culture is important

Is Tom ready to take more responsibility for his health and wellbeing?

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