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Working with Breast Cancer Patients helps me find a balance in my life…


I have been involved with The Derby Breast Cancer Support Group for more than ten years working as one of their therapists on the Therapy Days held in the Breast Unit at the Royal Derby Hospital.  Members and their families can relax over a cuppa and delicious homebaked cakes (Lemon drizzle is my favourite), in a friendly, supportive atmosphere and book two 30 minute treatments with different complementary health practitioners.  The group meets monthly and also arranges social events. Fund raising ranges from a Magnificent Fashion Show at Pride Park (What an emotional, uplifting evening)! To Open Gardens serving teas, scones and cakes… and perhaps selling some delightful plants! The group has raised over £72,000 supporting breast cancer patients and buying equipment for two of our local hospitals.

Up Beat Programme

The Senior Physiotherapist of Women’s Health and Surgery at the Royal Derby Hospital invited me to be part of the ‘Up Beat ‘ programme piloted and successfully running since 2010. 

U - Unforgettable
P - Physiotherapy

B - Breast
E - Exercise
A - Advise
T – Treatment

It is a group exercise and education programme run by the Breast Unit Physiotherapy Team (Tel. 01332 787717) and is an eight week course of treatment for patients who have had removal of their lymph nodes (axillary node clearance), dissection of their lymph nodes (axillary node dissection), latissimus dorsi reconstruction and those patients who have struggled to regain their shoulder range of movement after their surgery.  I spend 30 minutes sharing my thoughts on how complementary health and in particular aromatherapy can help with healing. We then give and receive a hand massage using carefully selected oils so that the patients can use this simple routine to release stress and tension at home.

We have discussed some simple ways to find relief from discomforts experienced by the patients and have created a useful leaflet:

Using the traditional therapeutic benefits of plants, trees and fresh herbs can be a gentle way to support your health and wellbeing.
Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants and need to be handled with care. A professional aromatherapist shares the skills and expertise needed to use them safely.

Tummy churning, feeling queasy and nauseous?

Do you have mint growing in the garden?
Put the kettle on… warm your favourite teapot and tear up a handful of mint leaves. Pour boiling water over the leaves and leave to brew for 5/10 minutes
Apple mint is my favourite for this:
Mentha suaveolens - the one with big furry leaves

Finely slice about an inch cube of fresh root ginger (Zingiber officinale)
Place in a mug and pour on boiling water and eave to brew for 5/10 minutes
Also helpful for any discomfort after eating and it can be warming if you are feeling cold

Have a headache? Feeling overwhelmed?

Put 2/3 drops of pure lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) in a bowl of cold water with a flannel. Squeeze out.
Lie down in a comfortable position and place the wonderfully cool flannel on your forehead. When it warms up, rinse again and repeat…
(Excellent for insect bites too or if you can’t sleep)

Sore throat? A rattly cough…
Maybe your immune system could do with a boost?

A mug of blackcurrant tea made from a dessert spoonful of homemade jam and boiling water is delicious..
Preferably taking a few quiet minutes with my feet up to relax and enjoy..

A Warm Glow or a Full Blown Hot Flush???

Rubbing 2 drops of cornmint (Mentha arvensis) essential oil between your palms, then placing one hand on the back of your neck and one on your forehead can give a very cooling sensation from tip to toe…

Need a soothing cuppa to help you sleep?

Linden Blossom from our beautiful lime trees (Tilia europa) which flower at the end of June/July smell divine and a few fresh or dried flowers make a lovely tea or infusion

Using fresh herbs in our cooking or on salads add delicious flavours and are a fresh supply of vitamins

French Flat Leaf Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)
(Like what you have in Cyprus or Spain)
Is easy to grow; it’s a biennial and you can ‘cut and come again’ for months
I love it in all my sandwiches, all my pasta dishes, salads and fish
It is high in iron, Vitamins A and C and surprise surprise; aids digestion

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
(Best watered from the bottom)
Torn leaves added to any tomato dish is divine!
Home grown tomatoes, warm off the plant, mozzarella, red onion; all sliced and dressed in olive oil, cider vinegar and freshly ground black pepper is Summer on a Plate!

Wild Marjoram (Origanum vulgare)
(In the wild or from the garden…)
With freshly grated parmesan, adds the final touched to any pasta dish

I think we need to be as gentle and supportive of our bodies (and emotions) as much as we are able… to give them the best opportunity to come back into balance after all the traumas of living

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